Texas Independence Day

Howdy everybody. March 2nd is a very important day for Texas, it commemorates that day [...]

Family Reunion 2021

The Family Reunion has come and gone and I feel that it was one of [...]

Your Staff Needs You

It has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone at my clinics, and so many times, [...]

Stay Limber

Time passed, and I began to realize that I was not immortal, and I saw [...]

A Win For Arkansas. How about Texas?

I can only imagine the smear campaign that would have ensued against all of optometry [...]

Lead Your Team

That is why many authors have discovered that the best way to scare someone is [...]

It’s Time to Get Back Up

Enough damage was done at this point that it would be impossible for a back-up [...]


We are putting out emails as quickly as we can with updated information for all [...]


Unfortunately, we have to struggle against the AMA with its clout as it tries to [...]

Starting A New Decade

I feel invigorated by the start of a new decade. I took some time to [...]