Turkey Time

I love Thanksgiving! I probably love it too much. Every time I think about it, I get that warm feeling inside as I remember times with family and friends, great food, and turkeyinduced loss of consciousness. I also remember the times that we opened our home to people that had no close family or were unable to be with them. I remember volunteering at the soup kitchen and serving others. I remember times in college when I could not afford to go home for Thanksgiving, and a friend invited me in.

Chairman’s CORNER
– Reid Robertson, OD

I am genuinely grateful for our network. I am thankful for those that give to help build something better for the doctors that strive to become better clinicians and help their patients in every way that they can and for everyone at the home office that works hard to help us succeed. In TSO, I have found friends, teachers, and role models. Remembering the help that other doctors in our network have freely given me encourages me to help others in the TSO Network to the best of my abilities. I have always been amazed at how many doctors that we have in our group that will openly share and work to strengthen another clinic without thought of receiving something in return.

I don’t want to be sappy, but I do want to take time to encourage all of us to remember our blessings and remember to take time to give back. I have recently been considering ways in which I can truly help a group of people that are struggling and hope to find a way to make a difference. I believe that we all have experienced the joy that it is to give freely to help another.

Thank you for being leaders, helpers, passionate doctors, and staff. I am grateful to be able to be one of your colleagues and to have the chance to learn from you. Have an incredible Thanksgiving!