Esprit de Corps

During my time serving in the Marines, we learned the meaning of esprit de corps. Merriam- Webster dictionary defines this as the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group. I learned Esprit de Corps throughout the 13 weeks of “boot-camp” (basic training) via classes in about the formation of the Marine Corps, its mission, the history and calculated wins of historical battles; and the significance of the design of our famous dress-blues uniform. Not to mention the constant reminders from our friendly Drill-Instructors.

This knowledge is perceived as arrogance or pretension, but it is pride, enthusiasm, and sense of honor in your group.

I feel the same esprit de corps among our group of TSO optometrists,

TSO doctor staff, and TSO Network staff. All business supply or produce a product for public consumption. While our offices produce eyewear, supply contacts, and other optical accessories, we also create an experience in our offices. The experience is why our patients choose to come back for their appointments year after year.

Purchasing eyewear and contacts that we supply can be from many local and online competitors, but what cannot be purchased is our expertise and service. These are the “little things” that cannot be quantified by price.

The Marine Corps places more value on the NCOs (non-commissioned officers) in the field than the Generals in their offices. The NCOs are the ones in the trenches that win the war even when the generals battle plan falls apart. While we ODs are the 4-star generals in our offices, our staff and our PCs and Network staff are the NCOs of our Network. We can use their knowledge and experience in the trenches to help us produce the best experience for our patients.

I will be opening our new office in Kerrville in April, and I am proud to say that part of the reason we can do this is because of being part of the TSO Network. I have had help from other ODs, and Network staff to help ease the move into a new, more abundant state of the art location. I appreciated my time serving in the Marine Corps. It helped me have the discipline to become an optometrist. And I am proud of being a TSO shareholder; it has helped me be a successful optometrist. Both groups make me feel esprit de corps.