What Others are Doing…

What Others are Doing . . .


TSO’s Kerrville, Schertz, Aliana, Kingwood, Riverstone and Rayford
Drs. Benny Peña, Michael Castro and Phong Pham

What’s the Score?

Score BoardDuring this time of year, all four major sports leagues play all at once, including The Houston Astros who recently made it to the 2022 World Series. Keeping score is as critical in sports as it is in organizations. I would like to share insights on how a few TSO practices track progress and communicate how their valued teammates are doing in the practice.

Stephanie, Dr. Pena’s Operations Manager at TSO Kerrville, shares the fact that they use WEAVE daily to present the practice’s sales performance to the staff. It’s a great idea to use cutting-edge technology not only to communicate with patients, but also with staff members.

TSO Schertz has a sales tracking board that updates the practice’s performance daily, using data reflected by Edge Pro. Valerie, Dr. Castro’s manager, has realized that the staff is always eager to see how the practice is performing. She says staff members inquire with anticipation, when the update hasn’t been posted.

Dr. Pham has a communication board in place in all his practices. The board not only informs the staff about the sales progress, but it also includes the staff birthdays, employee recognition and updates on upcoming events.

These are some great examples by Dr. Peña, Dr. Castro, and Dr. Pham, on how to measure your practice and staff performance. I’m sure you have your own way of keeping your team in touch with the targets you set. Like in sports, it is important to keep score and share the success of your team. Allowing your team to be aware of what’s expected to win the game, leads your TSO practice to success. Visit with your Regional Manager, who can offer more insights on “what others are doing” in the network to keep the winning state of mind.

Do you have a small improvement that worked wonders in your office?

In this new segment in our Network Update “What Others Are Doing”, we would love to hear from you and what you did differently that not only helped you get to a goal but also improved a Texas State Optical’s patient experience as well. Email your ideas and experiences to Elizabeth Moreno at elizabeth@tso.com