Use Live Video to Engage Patients

Video is a powerful way to market your practice, especially when that video is live and shared via social media.

Here are 12 ideas that were published in our social media handbook for how to use live-streaming to reach out to existing patients, and draw new ones in.

For all these ideas, use a good quality camera, or a high quality smartphone like an iPhone or Android. Either have a staff member shoot the video or use a tripod. For assistance on how to execute these ideas, feel free to reach out to Brittni Dumas, Marketing Specialist, at

12 Live Posts Ideas:

  1. Virtual try-ons for glasses
  2. How to properly clean your glasses with cleansing spray and a cleansing cloth
  3. Finding the right sunglasses – virtual try-on
  4. What are the different types of lenses? (single vision, readers, progressives, non-prescriptions)
  5. How to know if your frame fits
  6. How to properly put in contacts and remove them
  7. Difference between transitions and polarized lenses
  8. What you should look for when buying prescription glasses
  9. What is the difference between FSA & HSA
  10. What does this machine do? Highlight and talk about the machines in the office. What they do? What it is
    used for? Cool features.
  11. Ways to keep your eyes in good condition.
  12. How to properly protect your eyes using safety eyewear.


  • Be prepared before you go live. Remember, it is show biz and anything can happen! Make sure any distractions are out
    of the way and have an outline of some points you want to say.
  • Try facing a window to get natural lighting if possible.
  • Filming with your back towards the window.
  • Film your video horizontally.