Updates from Oak Run TSO

It’s only been four months since we’ve opened but we already feel at home here in our new community. Being a TSO Kids practice that specializes in Vision Therapy, we see many of our kiddos and their parents weekly for their sessions which really creates a sense of family that is felt by even new patients that are refractive exams.

It was a change of pace seeing patients in this new location as our schedule was less full, but one of the unexpected benefits was being able to spend so much one-on-one time with my team here, training for specific exam types, training for specific patient encounters, even having the availability to bring in reps for all of our equipment and give everyone dedicated training time with them. This training has led to everyone being well-informed and confident when treating our patients which they see and appreciate, especially when coming from larger corporate practices.

It’s important to set goals for the practice growth, and I’m happy to report that since day one, we’ve been on an upward path in almost every metric. I’m looking forward to our grand opening in April and am excited to see where this first year takes us, be sure to check in!

– Dr. Leigha Nielsen, Oak Run TSO