TSO Kids Program – How to Qualify

TSO KIDS is an addition to an existing or new TSO practice that tells the public that a pediatric optometrist is on staff. If you are a TSO KIDS location, it demonstrates that your TSO office will cater to children and that pediatric eye care is available.

Incorporating TSO KIDS at your TSO office means you can provide expert care for the pediatric population. Parents will trust you with their children’s eyes because you have the knowledge required to treat eye conditions commonly seen in children. Pediatric optometrists also know how to conduct an exam on children, which often requires patience. You must have experience in the ability to gain a child’s attention and trust, as well as the proper skill set to obtain objective data.

Below you will find specific qualifications and requirements in order to become a TSO KIDS location that fulfills the minimum requirements for a pediatric optometry office:

1. Must have successfully completed a one-year residency program in the specialty of

pediatric optometry or vision therapy.

a. If a pediatric residency was NOT completed, the following requirements are to be

Full-filled in lieu of completing a residency program and are considered equivalent.

i. Must have at least 1,000 recorded patient encounters of pediatric eye care

(ages 0-12) of which 200 should be ages 5 and below. A report generated by EHR

should be submitted as proof.

ii. Must have proof of completion of the following continuing education (CE) credits

in the past 24 months in the areas of:

• Amblyopia 4 hrs

• Strabismus 4 hrs

• Pediatric optometry / binocular vision courses 4 hrs

• Myopia Control 2 hrs

2. Must be capable of examining children age 5 and under, including infants.

3. Ability to examine children with special needs is preferred, but not required.

4. Must be an InfantSEE provider and have logged at least 10 InfantSEE exams in the past 24 months. A printable report is available on the InfantSEE website.

5. Must have at least 100 pediatric frames ranging in eye sizes.

a. Recommended breakdown

i. Ages 0-3 – approximately 10-12 frames

1. one-piece nylon frames (e.g. Nano, Miraflex)

2. frames with cable temples

ii. Ages 3-6 – approximately 12-24 frames

iii. Ages 8-14 – approximately 60-72 frames (e.g Ray Ban, Ocean Pacific, Sketchers,

Izod, etc.)

To apply for a TSO Kids practice addition, please contact John Marvin for the application at jdmarvin@tso.com.