TSO Hosted UHCO Meet & Greet

TSO Hosted UHCO Meet & Greet
TSO Hosted UHCO Meet & Greet
RSO students class photo with Drs. Stanfield, Peña, Nielsen, Hutchins and Dean Wingert.

For the fifth year in a row, the Doctors of TSO were able to host meet and greet events for all of the first-year optometry students in Texas!

The UHCO First Year student meet and greet was held at the Cadillac Bar in Houston on January 14, 2020, and RSO first year meet and greet was held on January 15, 2020, at Mamacita’s Restaurant in San Antonio. Mingling over drinks and fajitas was the perfect way to thaw out during the chilly January evenings.

“When I meet up with 1st-year UHCO students, I’m always inspired by their passion and willingness to learn more about private practice optometry. Even though it’s only been 15 years since I was in their shoes, it reminds me of how far I’ve come professionally and how much I have to offer to the future of optometry. Serving the students in this manner is the least I can do and look forward to this event every year.”

– Dr. Alexander Chen, Fall Creek TSO

Over 50 students from both schools were able to mingle with the doctors of TSO! It was indeed an excellent way for the students to begin their semester.

Students mixed and networked with several of TSO doctors including Dr. Alexander Chen, Dr. Elle Fazlalizadeh, Dr. Steve Stanfield, Dr. Leigha Nielsen, Dr. Jaclyn Hutchins, , and Dr. Benny Peña.

After dinner, a few of the doctors spoke to the students about the benefits of joining the TSO Network. All of the attending doctors discussed how much the TSO network commits to the field of optometry. They explained how the doctors of TSO are very active in national and state associations and encouraged student to get involved to ensure progress is made in the optometry field.

Dr. Peña spoke to the students about what makes the TSO Network unique compared to other business models. He stressed how the TSO network provides a family culture among the doctors and likes the fact that it’s not about competition among the network. He compared the TSO Network to a team with the TSO network aiding as the 12th man on the field, because doctors are always available to answer questions.

The evenings were wrapped by inviting the students to sign up to receive information from interested TSO locations to learn more about the network or to gain a mentor. The students were all in smiles as they left for the evening which defiantly warmed the TSO Network spirits that January night.