TSO Doctors Supporting UHCO Students

TSO Doctors Supporting UHCO Students

One of the most important things an Optometrist does is ensure that patients receive appropriate treatment and that prescriptions and or any medications given to the patient are accurate.

But this day in age, with the rise of private equity in the industry and the consolidations of private practices by conglomerates it is crucial now more than ever that Optometrist also fill the call of duty to keep private practice alive and take the responsibility of ensuring that future Optometrists know the importance of private practice ownership.

That is why we are proud that within our TSO Network we have such dedicated members who continuously support the industry by not only sponsoring but by also attending student events like the Student Optometric Practice Management Association (SOPMA) March meeting at the University of Houston College of Optometry. Students had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Samir Patel as he shared valuable insights into what private practice is all about. In particular, he dove into the most challenging aspects of owning your own practice and how starting from the bottom is inevitable, but what really counts is the subsequent growth that follows. In attendance at the meeting was also Dr. Alexander Chen who spoke to the students after the meeting and took the time to show support for his Alma Matter.

Second year student, Savannah Nguyen said “I truly enjoyed listening and learning from Dr. Patel. I was able to learn so much about the DO’S and DONT’S of running a practice, it was an informational meeting.”

On April 19th, Dr. Chen will travel to San Antonio to talk to the Private Practice Club of the Rosenberg School of Optometry. His and Dr. Patel’s dedication to the industry and the students is why TSO exists and why the field of Optometry is filled with endless possibilities and growth.


What does Dr. Samir Patel co-owner of Dowlen TSO, Yanely Rehkopf Director of Marketing and Communications at TSO, Inc. and Caleb Hall Optometry student at UHCO all have in common?

They all got their very first comprehensive eye exam at a TSO!!! In 2020, Caleb Hall (pictured right) also had the opportunity to shadow our Member doctors and work with the rest of the Dowlen TSO staff.