Top 3 Reasons Why Attending Family Reunion Will Bring You a Bigger Value

Top 3 Reasons Why Attending Family Reunion Will Bring You a Bigger Value

This is the fourth year we’ve hosted Family Reunion, and with each passing year, we’ve come closer to providing our exhibitors and sponsors with maximum exposure and reach to the TSO Network. This annual meeting has transitioned from an event featuring keynote speakers to a more personal and intimate occasion for sponsors to establish and cultivate long-lasting relationships with TSO members and their families. If you are on the fence about whether or not your company should sponsor Family Reunion 2023, here are a few reasons why you should not pass up this amazing opportunity.


More Personalized Experience: Family Reunion provides a more intimate setting, which allows for more personalized experiences. As a sponsor, you have more opportunities to connect with our doctors, office managers, and other influential decision-makers. We also allow you and our members to discuss business and possible purchasing opportunities in a stress-free and non-sales environment, which can lead to more meaningful conversations and relationships down the road.


Opportunities for Networking: In contrast to larger national exhibitions where it can be challenging to meet with attendees because of a jammed packed schedule, our annual show provides sponsors with dinners and receptions that allow networking opportunities with other sponsors and attendees. By cultivating relationships with other leaders and influencers in the industry who also attend, your company can obtain valuable insights and knowledge that can help you capitalize on your attendance at the show.


Increase Sales: Our annual event exposes you to a niche and captive audience, allowing you to increase brand awareness and recognition on a highly targeted level. This can help you build brand equity and establish your company as an industry leader, not only within our TSO Network but also across our entire industry. You can gain a competitive advantage by showcasing your products or services and offering show specials to our members, which will ultimately generate new business leads. We are all aware of the changes private practice optometry has had over the past few years, but by attending this event, you are demonstrating to our members that you support private practice and its vital and indispensable place in the industry.

Sponsoring this year’s Texas State Optical Family Reunion not only lets our members know you genuinely care about them and the future of private practice, but it is also a sound and wise marketing strategy for companies seeking to increase brand exposure, generate leads, and establish long-lasting meaningful relationships that increase sales over many years.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Yanely Rehkopf at Take a look at some of amazing things some of our favorite vendors have to say about Family Reunion and why they chose to attend year after year.

We can’t wait to see you this June at The Woodlands Resort!