Time to Maximize the Year End

Time to Maximize the Year End

As the year end approaches, patients look to get the most from what they have and maximize their benefits.

Patients that moved into the community, or cannot remember their last visit, or just want to see someone new, will search for “eye doctor near me”. They will click on the first convenient option they see.

Competition has dramatically increased this year. America’s Best, MyEyeLab, MyEyeDr, and independent optometrists are all marketing their services aggressively in web search.

Texas State Optical “Maximize Your Benefits” is a proven powerful message versus discount providers 2/for$$. The TSO message is engaging and persuasive. The campaign’s click rate is almost 4X more engaging than the average healthcare search ad. Even more importantly, 34% of people searching for vision care and clicking on “Max Benefits” went on to call for an appointment.

TSO offices with search marketing see 16% more patient phone calls and a 5x more patient revenue than the Back-to-School search advertising program cost.
If you want to see more patients this year end then enroll with the TSO Year end marketing program. It’s $2,500 program for both November/December ($1,250/month) that will give you 16% more patient phone calls and a 5X more revenue than the program cost. Contact your TSO Regional manager or email EyeCarePro.