Superior Vision-Davis Vision Announcement

Superior Vision and Davis Vision merged under one umbrella company, Versant Health, in 2017. While they are still keeping the two vision plans separate, they are combining their lab networks. In effect, they are both issuing new contract agreements to all Superior Vision and Davis Vision providers.

The newly published contract amendments are to enroll in their new Eyewear Dispensing Program, which uses Essilor labs. Since the Texas legislation passed, providers can choose the lab for their vision plan patients. According to Superior Vision, TSO practices do NOT need to sign the new Eyewear Dispensing program.

Under the TSO Superior Vision negotiated the contract, TSO will continue “business as usual” for their Superior Vision patients using our lab of choice.
Davis Vision provided TSO with different options and contracts for providing services for their patients, one of which uses the Davis Vision Lab.

Please review your current agreement with Davis Vision before signing or not signing the new Eyewear Dispensing Program. The contract will be sent to you via email, using a DocuSign application for electronic signature. The email will come from 

If you need help deciphering how your office is currently set up with Davis Vision, please contact Cindy Huynh,, for assistance.