Special Events and Gatherings are Back

Special Events and Gatherings are Back

There’s something special about being able to gather together with others, maybe that is why according to research from APCO Insight, 8 in 10 Americans say they miss attending in-person events. With most mandates and restrictions lifted the perfect opportunity to hold a “Trunkshow” or “Patient Appreciation” event in your community is right now. With that being said, there are critical steps and planning that are required in order for your event
to be a real success.

We have compiled this list with an explanation of why and how you need to incorporate these elements for success. For a more detailed planning timeline, please contact Yanely Rehkopf – yanely@tso.com.


1. Adequate planning time

– To hold a successful trunk show event allowing for adequate planning time is essential. We have determined that a successful event requires a minimum of twelve weeks for planning and promoting the event.

2. Adequate budget for the event.

– While a successful trunk show can produce large volumes of sales, there are necessary expenses involved for promotion and catering. As with any other type of event, the more engaged and involved the office and staff, the more return a doctor will see on their investment.

3. Proper scheduling of the event date and time

– Picking a date is a critical part of the success of the event. It must be a Saturday event to reach its potential. You are asking consumers to put on their schedule attending your event and there are many less conflicts with their attending on a Saturday than if you plan for another day of the week. It should run from 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM.

4. Proper brand selection of eyewear to feature during the event

– This is very important in building a strong sales performance. It is recommended that at least two brands are featured and extremely important that at least one of the brands have strong consumer recognition such as Tom Ford, Christian Dior, FENDI, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci.

5. Effective and multiple means of promotion

– A key advantage of allowing adequate planning time is that you can be very effective in building awareness of the event through promotion over time. The more time you have to promote the event, the less expensive the promotion. We recommend you allow for eight weeks to promotion the event using the following forms of promotion communication such as targeted email and internal patient communication, social media and more.

6. Event activities

– A successful trunk show event should be just that – an event. In addition to the two frame lines and motivated brand representatives, you can build fun for the day by including things like an assortment of food from local eateries, complimentary beverages, cosmetic make-overs and lens consultants from blue tech and photo-chromatic lens companies.

7. Staff Preparation

– TSO office staff are the ambassadors that will build the interest and enthusiasm for event. You will want to offer exams on the day of the event, but also offer to schedule exams for people who are purchasing frames later in the week. Many people will select the frames they want and then come back in a few days to actually take time for their exam. This is ok…and you can incentivize staff for promoting the scheduling of exam