Same Practice Consultants, New Title

Same Practice Consultants, New Title

Same Practice Consultants, New Title

Happy New Year, and as Director of Field Support for the Network of TSO I am excited to announce the decision made in aligning the Practice Consultant team with a change to their titles to Regional Manager. I want to share the expectations that each Regional Manager will have in supporting your practice.

The Regional Manager will provide and include the two outlined items The CAR and OIP, after each visit, which is an upon agreed cycle of visitation. Every 30 days is the minimum rotation to be set to meet with each member. In addition, Ann Deen will continue to serve the newest Doctors of TSO as our New Member Consultant.

Here is a definition of what they are:

Call Activity Reports / CAR

  • A CAR is a recap of points of discussions held during the scheduled appointment with the TSO Member and Management team of the practice. It will include points of discussion reviewed, including any Marketing, Merchandising, Human Resources, and Operations discussions.
  • The importance of documenting what is essential to the member is first and foremost on every visit.
  • After any completed appointment, each shareholder will receive an email with copies provided to the Director of Field Support and President of TSO.
  • This documentation will then be archived in our CRM, which journals all practice’s interactions by the Regional Manager and reviewed monthly.

Office Improvement Plan / OIP
This will include three goals set with S.M.A.R.T. Plan in place to meet each goal set.

  • S = Specific/ Goals must be well defined and clear/ Who is involved and what are requirements
  • M=Measurable /How will we quantify our progress to goal set/Concrete criteria on measurement
  • A =Attainable / Is the goal a challenge but possible to achieve / Most important to your business
  • R =Realistic / Is the goal one that within the team’s reach / What conditions would exist to accomplish
  • T =Timely / What is the clearly defined time frame with start and ending dates that creates urgency.

As the Regional Manager supports your practice’s goals that are set and achieved, a replacement goal is positioned with new agreed criteria.

Smart Plans are crucial to your success, and with clear, concise steps outlined, it will alter dreams to the attainable.

I would add that partnership and the dedication that each of these managers have exhibited in the past will launch us together into the upcoming year as the team of John, Roland, Mike, Rosie, and Ann provide a wealth of industry knowledge, well over 100 years combined, and are available to develop a plan with solutions to your practice as a member of the network of Texas State Optical.

I invite you to contact me at or 713-561-1640 if I may provide any additional insights to the support available and wish you a prosperous New Year 2020.