Room Reimbursement Policy and FAQs

Room Reimbursement Policy and FAQs

Will I be able to take my staff?

Everyone is welcome to attend Family Reunion. This year, Family Reunion provides outstanding continuing education for both doctors and staff. We’re offering board required continuing education and top training courses.

What is the Reimbursement Policy?

Each shareholder owner will be limited to one room reimbursement regardless of the number of offices that are owned. In the same way, if an office has multiple owners, there will still be one room for the shareholder owner or owners.

Shareholder owners will pay for their room during the conference and then submit for reimbursement. To receive full reimbursement for your room and resort fees please submit your hotel’s folio via email to before July 31, 2023. If a shareholder owner registers to attend and reserves a hotel room but does not actually attend, their room and registration fee will not be reimbursed.

What free time will we have allowed to enjoy the resort?

For the 2023 Family Reunion conference, the schedule will be a little more busy than last year but will still allow everyone time to enjoy the resort. The best way to spend time during a family reunion is with family!