Room Reimbursement Policy and FAQs

Room Reimbursement Policy and FAQs

What is the Reimbursement Policy?

Each shareholder owner will be limited to one room reimbursement regardless of the number of offices that are owned. In the same way, if an office has multiple owners, there will still be one room for the shareholder owner or owners.

Shareholder owners will pay for their room during the conference and then submit for reimbursement. To receive full reimbursement for your room and resort fees please submit your hotel’s folio via email to before July 31, 2024. If a shareholder owner registers to attend and reserves a hotel room but does not actually attend, their room and registration fee will not be reimbursed.

Who has to register to attend Family Reunion?

Registration is mandatory for anyone over the age of 12 attending any scheduled events, such as the opening outdoor reception, breakfast, or the exhibit hall. This applies to all attendees, including spouses, friends, and any other guests. Please note, a badge is required to participate in any of our events. Registering not only ensures the safety of our attendees but also assists us in planning effectively. Without registration, you will not receive a badge.

What will be the CE presented at this year’s event?

This year, our Family Reunion provides exceptional continuing education opportunities for both doctors and staff. Doctors can participate in Board Required Continuing Education Courses, as well as with new offerings focused on Frame Management and Myopia Management. Meanwhile, staff members will engage in hands-on ZEISS product orientation courses and will also participate in the Frame Management and Myopia Management sessions.

The Network Office will not be responsible for reserving any rooms for the 2024 Family Reunion Conference.

If an office requires more than ONE room to be reserved during inside or outside of the conference dates of June 9-11, 2024, you may still book those rooms using our room block if there are rooms available.