Protect Your Ranking . . . Watch for the Pivot

Protect Your Ranking . . . Watch for the Pivot

We are two-weeks into the Coronavirus Crisis and the sliding.

In the next few weeks, it’s about holding on. Holding on tight. Watch your cash. Be vigilant in your office operations. Make every patient call count.

We can help you protect your search ranking. Over the past four years your office has earned higher search ranking. Your website is location identified, fast, mobile-first, and patient relevant. Google recognizes your “rank” with your digital traffic, visitor engagement, relevance to vision care, and how current/frequent your site is updated.

You can lose some of your search rank if you ignore keeping your content Up-To-Date.

There are four ways to protect your search ranking:

  1. Local Website … we’ll update your schedule changes. We’ll help post pictures and get the message out that your office is open and available.
  2. Google … we will post your special messages about senior morning, curbside pickup, sanitization procedures.
  3. Facebook … pictures, pictures, pictures … say more than words.
  4. eMail … help with templates and EHR setup.
  5. Your search rank is responsible for 60% of your digital activity. If your office goes digitally dark then your search ranking will fall. It’s very hard to recover.


    1. Updated pictures. Current pictures of smiling faces tell your patients you are open and available.
    2. Office change information … let us know what you are doing. Senior hours. Family afternoons. Curbside pickup. Extra safety procedures.

    Next, EyeCarePro will alert you to the pivot. This business problem will go away. We follow the daily Google Trends for patient search activity. When we see Texas patients resume searching for: eye doctor, eye exams, eye-doctor-near-me we will alert you to the pivot. TSO can be ahead of the competition and drive into a better second half of the year.