Northshore TSO Elements to Successful Trunk Show

We asked Priscilla Diosdado of Northshore TSO about their recent trunk shows and she provided some excellent feedback that contributed to their success and small tips.

“We started about four weeks in advance and started to contact vendors and call patients to let them know about our event. We had great days, both not record days, but very high grossing days. Contacting vendors and patients is key. We passed out flyers at Northshore, and we displayed it on our LED Sign.”

When asked about developing certain aspects of the event to provide a better customer experience, Priscilla mentioned:

    • Keep music and food in its own designated area
    • Have two doctors in the office
    • More laptops/workstations
    • Have an appointed area for patients with appointments
    • Have designated associates for registrations/greeting, photo booth, kids area, and cleaning at every hour
    • Have a list for each vendor with our retail pricing
    • Thank you handouts for patients to receive on their way out
    • Thank you email blast with photos of the event
    • Have a display for prizes
    • Have patient appreciation banners
    • More outdoor décor to draw attention
    • Staff to wear the frames/color contacts from vendors present
    • Provide vision screenings