New Year, New Benefits! Maximize Your Benefits Campaign

New Year, New Benefits! Maximize Your Benefits Campaign

Happy New Year to all the patients with new employee benefits. Consumers get smarter every year, so they can get the most from their employer benefits. New programs, new providers, and employees making new choices.

Families that need vision care know how to maximize their benefits.

Google tracks “interest” in everything searched on the web. The chart below shows the interest in “eye doctor”, optometrist, and eye exams for every week of the last 5-years … for TEXAS. Every year January-February interest peaks as patients get their new employer benefits. These are active families that realize the great value of vision insurance.

Texas State Optical is ready to help your practice Maximize Your Benefits. Offices automatically get the corporate sponsored TSO website at no charge. However, this isn’t enough. Every office needs to be optimized for your local community and patients searching for “Eye doctor near me”. This is an optional, extra cost program now engaged by 42 TSO offices. It includes search optimization, social media, Google My Business support, and monthly patient email bulletins. This is a business necessity.

Every office should also consider paid search advertising with the TSO “Maximize Your Benefits” campaign. Every month 2,000 search requests are made in the communities 1-3 miles around a TSO office. They are looking for “eye doctor near me”. As big as your office sign may be, it’s not visible for new patients until they search for vision care. Digital advertising makes you visible at the moment they are looking for care.

The premium EyeCarePro search optimization, Google My Business, and digital advertising program will bring you more patients. TSO experience shows your marketing programs will return 5:1. That’s $5 more patient revenue for your Search/Digital advertising investment

Be sure your office is ready for New Year benefits.