Family Reunion 2022 Reimbursement Policy

Family Reunion 2022 Reimbursement Policy

This year’s Texas State Optical Family Reunion is coming together as one of the most important and educational events since the company was purchased by the doctors in 2001. Important proposals will be voted on during the shareholder meeting scheduled for Sunday, June 5, 2022. The company’s directors will be discussing their plans to guide the company through challenging times.

Over 30 Texas State Optical locations have been purchased by companies funded with private equity. This represents more than 25% of all TSO locations. All of these locations were among the largest in the network in terms of revenues. As a result, budgets are managed month to month to optimize how the contributions of members are spent to ensure that TSO, Inc. continues to provide value to its members locations.

This year there is a change in the previous policy of providing two, hotel rooms for each location, one for the doctor and one for the manager or staff members. The new policy is to reimburse shareholder owners for their room. Each shareholder owner will be limited to one room regardless of the number of offices that are owned. In the same way, if an office has multiple owners, there still will be one room for the shareholder owner or owners.

Shareholder owners will pay for the room during the conference and the submit for reimbursement following the conference in accordance to the directions provided when you register for the meeting. If a shareholder own registers to attend and reserves hotel room but does not actually attend, their room and registration fee will not be reimbursed.

If you have questions, regarding this change in policy, please contact President, John Marvin at or Chairman of the Board, Dr. Reid Robertson at