EyeMed Updates

Provider Manual has the latest information about plans

Our most recent revision to the Provider Manual has been published on our communications portal, inFocus, this week. The updates mostly reflect details about EyeMed clients, including:

  • The newest Johnson & Johnson (J&J) MSRP price list, which applies to the J&J Vision Plan.
  • Details about Los Angeles Airport Police Officers Association benefits for sunglasses.
  • A new section for Summit Community Care in Arkansas and updates to clarify the different requirements for state-mandated Medicaid programs.

We also made small updates to our compliance and quality assurance policies to make sure they align with all applicable regulations.

Be sure you have the latest Provide Manual on file at your practice to make sure you’re not missing out on any guidelines. It’s available any time (and searchable) on inFocus.

New Ray-Ban and Oakley price list effective 5.1.19 Effective May 1, 2019, pricing for Ray-Ban and Oakley products ordered through the EyeMed lab network will be based on a separate Ray-Ban/Oakley charge back schedule. The new charge back schedule can be downloaded. The full list of available Ray-Ban and Oakley products can be found in their respective product catalogs.

Ray-Ban and Oakley lenses are available to order through the Ray-Ban lab network and Oakley lab network managed by Luxottica Lab Services (LLS) by eye care professionals who are Authorized Dealers. If you’d like to begin offering these products in your dispensary, contact LLS at 855.522.4545. LLS will be able to confirm if you are an approved Authorized Dealer and answer any questions you might have.

Our lab registration job aid and Labs How To guide provide more details about how to register with labs.

Search for discounts by group name or group ID Members aren’t always going to understand the difference between a discount plan and one with copays and allowances. But they know they want to receive the savings they’re due on eye exams and materials.

If you try to look up a patient using the Member Search and get no results, try asking the name of their employer or plan sponsor.

You can then use the Group Search to search by Group Name or Group ID in the online claims system to see if they might have a discount plan. If so, you can view the plan details, which list out exactly how much the member should pay. Then apply the discounts to the patient’s transaction (no claim is needed).

Remember, you can order eyewear through EyeMed’s lab network if you wish.