EyeMed Updates

New lenses added to progressive and antireflective classifications 2019 progressive and A-R tiers now available

As we do every year, we are releasing the progressive and anti-reflective lens classifications for 2019. This list assigns each product into a tier that corresponds to a specific member out-of-pocket cost.

This list, which is effective January 1, 2019, adds some products that are new to the market. There are no other changes.

When using the online claims system, we’ll automatically map the product to the correct tier. For more information about progressive lenses, check out our How-To guide about understanding our plans. Annual training must be completed by 12/31/2018.

Make meeting this requirement part of your end-of-year plans.

As you’re readying for 2019, don’t forget to make sure you’ve met all of the your requirements for 2018. All network providers must let us know you meet training requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and state agencies. This year, all practice owners need to ensure doctors and staff receive training on:

• Fraud, waste and abuse prevention

• Compliance Program Effectiveness (federal)

• HIPAA (federal and state privacy)

• Information Security (federal OCR & state)

• Cultural competency

• Human trafficking


We have content available that meets the requirements, but you’re welcome to use other sources instead. The training is required because our membership includes Medicare Advantage plan members.

To meet the requirement, you must:

1. Complete training on the required topics. To download ours, go to Requirements > Annual Training.

2. On inFocus, go to My EyeMed > Annual Training and attest that you’ve met the requirement.

For more information, see the Provider Manual or our FAQs section on inFocus.