Exam-Leads Not Exams Yet!

Exam-Leads Not Exams Yet!

Exam-Leads Not Exams Yet!

By: Steve Poley, EyeCarePro

Patients find vision care in many ways. Digital platforms like websites, Google My Business, social media, web directories, email, and digital search advertising help patients find you in your local community.

When the patient’s engage, 95% click-to-call, we would like patients to fill form requests, but it just does not happen. Patients use small screen mobile phones. Forms are uncomfortable. It’s easier to call.

Patient calls sourced on the digital marketing platforms are EXAM-LEADS. These are calls worth as much as $380 each. Every call, exam-lead, could be a patient.

So, why would exam-leads not become booked exams?

September, only 41% of TSO network exam-leads resulted in booked exams.

Patients have questions. What kind of questions?

  1. Can I get an exam this afternoon? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. If not, then what’s the alternative? Call another doctor? Does your office offer alternative times or say thank for calling? Do you know? Do you have a waiting list?
  2. How much is an eye exam? Patients today want a clear, direct, dependable answer. Do you have an answer?
  3. Do you take my insurance? Does your operator have a list of 3rd party benefits you accept? Is the list up today? Do you have an alternate new patient plan?
  4. Do you have my brand of lenses, frames, and contact lenses? Is your operator familiar with your offerings? Or, do you put the caller on hold, perhaps having them hang up and call someone else?
  5. Do you have long hold times? Do you have patient information on hand to quickly answer patient questions, so other calls do not spend long waiting times?

If the average TSO office converts 50% of exam-leads instead of 41%, then the office’s annual revenue would increase by $100,000.

Ask your TSO Regional Manager how they can help you convert 50% of your exam-leads.