Establish an Effective Holiday Schedule

Establish an Effective Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays to the entire TSO Network! This 2022 Christmas and 2023 New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday, allowing you to schedule more patients from Monday-Saturday and earn $19,000 in revenue compared to the same week last year.

Since last year both holidays were on a Saturday, most TSO offices closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And some offices even closed half of the day on Thursday, December 23, 2021.

This year both holiday weeks are potentially FULL REVENUE opportunities for your practice. You could open your office for patients Monday-Saturday compared to last year just Monday-Wednesday. Take advantage of this year’s calendar and help patients use their benefits before the year ends.

Why should you be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Christmas Day and New Year’s Day?

  1. To give your patients the opportunity to Maximize Their Vision Benefits before the year ends. You have advertised “Maximize Your Vision Benefits” all year long and it has been seen by thousands, now it’s the time to act.
  2. Use it or Lose it. Some patients just delay care until the last minute, and you should be prepared to see them. You want your office to get the call and be the one to provide the patient with the best eye care in the industry.
  3. Patients will have time off and realize they must take advantage of their benefits before they expire, and they will call you for their eye exam. However, will you be there to answer the call? Many parents will be seeking an appointment for their children who are home for the Holidays. So, make sure you are there to assist.

What about staff holidays? We understand everyone wants family time during the holidays, but this is also a business opportunity. Consider these options:

A. Give your staff a make-up holiday that they can use throughout the following year. You may give them the option of taking the time off whenever they please.

B. Treat your staff to a free lunch or dinner. What a better way to show your employees your appreciation than to treat them with a delicious meal. At the end of the day, everyone loves free food.

Make this December 2022 a big revenue month by opening the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If you open six more business days than last year, your revenue will increase by $19,000. If you don’t take advantage of this year’s calendar, know that corporate optometry offices will be open and available. The patients you lose will not return next year, as they will recall who was there when they needed an eye exam.