Corpus Christi TSO Blue Light Sales Increase

“When selling a blue light Anti- Reflective lens, we have patients take a look at the lenses we are wearing. We explain that we spend all day on the computer and the blue light AR keeps the harmful rays from the computer and tablets out of our eyes, reduce headaches, decreases eye strain. We also show our patients how the lenses look with and without AR so they can compare the difference. We end by explaining that we charge the same for all premium AR, so blue Protection is not an extra charge. I also think our biggest sales technique is that our Dr. will recommend this type of AR for people who are on the computer all day as well as for kids who use tablets and phones. The doctor writes it on the prescription, and we let the patients know that is what your Dr. is recommending for you.”

– Dr. Diane Nhan, Corpus Christi TSO