Back-to-School Search Activity Increases July thru Labor Day

Back-to-School Search Activity Increases July thru Labor Day

All parents are concerned about their student’s vision, especially families that need corrective lenses. Parents and students in VIP households (2+ patients per home) know the importance of vision care. Back-to-School is the time search requests peak. You can see on the Google Trends chart below that search requests for eye doctor, optometrist, and eye exam increase July-Labor Day.

VIP families with vision insurance benefits will consider competitive 2/for$ eyeglasses offers. We know that “Maximize your Benefits” is a powerful message. Why save the insurance company money? They want the most from what I have.

Max-Benefits attracts VIP households that visit more frequently and spend more on vision care.

TSO websites communicate the “Max Benefits” message, but websites mostly reach your regular patients. Digital search advertising in the TSO Back-to-School program reaches beyond your regular patients.

TSO Max-Benefits digital ads are seen by families searching for vision care that might not realize your office location. Your office can be at the top of the search page when VIP households are searching for vision care.

Back-to-School digital ads target your specific local community AND those searching for immediate vision care.

Offices with TSO digital ads see 35% more exam-leads vs the 19% Back-to-School bump offices with just web graphics.

16% more patient phone calls. For the average TSO office, that’s 15-more patients bringing your office as much as $5,000+ more revenue per month.

Back-to-School runs thru Labor Day. You still have time to make a difference.

Back-to-School Marketing Material

The Back To School season is an important opportunity for network members to capitalize on the surge in retail activity and high demand for eye exams. To help you advertise, TSO Marketing has produced a collection of digital e-blasts, social media proofs, counter cards and banners with both the “Back To School” message and the “Maximize Your Benefits” message.

These are available at no cost to members. Only shipping charges apply for printed marketing collateral.

To order these or, if you have any questions you can contact Yanely Rehkopf at