Back to School, Peak Keyword Search Activity

Google counts everything visitors do with Google Search. To help advertisers reach customers at peak times Google publishes Google Trends. You can look up keyword search activity for any word or phrase for any state over any time.

For Texas, the peak time patients search for eye doctor, optometrist, and eye exam is the week of August 11. That peak activity index is 100. These are the three most used keywords to find vision care.

Outside of the COVID-19 closing time, the lowest use time is the week of the Thanksgiving holiday.

You can also identify the “New Year Benefits” is more important than the December “Use it or Lose it” time.

Now, it is time for Back-to-School. Concerned families know, for them, vision care is one of life’s important decisions. Mom, dad, and the children all need vision care. This is the family that recognizes how valuable vision insurance.

Concerned families with vision care needs and vision insurance are your best patients. They need your care and have the resources for planned annual exams.

You want families living in your local community to choose your Texas State Optical office for back-to-school care. Using the TSO Back-to-School campaign, you can reach these families and let them know you are ready to help.

Get started now or anytime up to mid-August for the best results.

Email or and just say … I’m going Back-to-School.