TSO Network Update - July 2017

Vol. 6, Issue 7 July 2017 This is my last article as Chairman of the TSO Board and I want to say thank you. This past year has been a mixed bag of tragedies with the passing of my close friend Merle Jackman and the sudden loss of our colleague Monty Banks and the joy of watching young doctors excited about growing their own practices. We really are blessed to have what we have and be where we are at this time. As I think back on my career with Texas State Optical, I am amazed that I even have made it this far. When I realize what I didn’t know as a young doc it is a miracle that I am still in practice. If it weren’t for TSO, I probably wouldn’t be in practice. It was through the friendships, help and advice that I got from my colleagues that gave me the confidence to keep building and keep growing. I’ll admit, that the biggest obstacle I faced was often me. I was given good advice but I had to listen to that advice. I remember well when I decided to buy land and build my own building. I had thought about it for several years but was always afraid of what might happen and I would fail. It was the encouragement of colleagues that gave me the confidence to jump in and make the decision. The amazing thing is that none of those things I worried about ever happened and everything I was told about why I should do it was right. My point is that we have a great organization with smart members. Each of us learns from the other and that is what makes us strong. The theme of this year’s Vision Quest was Stronger Together and we were reminded of Aesop’s Fable of the bundle of sticks. Individually they are easy to break, but bound together, they are impossible to break. Our profession is changing like we’ve not experienced in the past. I Chairman’s CORNER — Steve Stanfield, OD A Bundle of Sticks remember when the biggest thing we had to worry about was what discounts Eye Masters were going to advertise. Today we have challenges coming at us from every direction. We have to stay strong together. I am so encouraged and excited about the young doctors who were elected to the board this past Vision Quest. My generation of TSO docs have been through a lot in our 30 years and have done a good job of getting us to this point. Now it’s the responsibility of a new generation to build on this foundation. It’s their opportunity to navigate the organization through rapidly changing times in our profession. Thank you for all of the help this organization has provided me. Now it’s their turn.