Wow Moments with Scleral Lenses

Apple rolls out new products on a regular basis. People line up to purchase the new innovations created by the company from New York to Beijing. Consumers are mesmerized with innovative gadgets such as the iPad and even the iPhone. Younger generations as well as older generations are embracing new technology.

What is new in the field of contact lenses? Scleral lenses can be particularly helpful in certain subsets of patients who cannot wear traditional contact lenses or who cannot achieve proper correction with glasses. These are lenses that can make a world of difference to patients who have advanced irregular corneas and ocular surface disease. Patients with advanced keratoglobus would be a challenge for the doctor to fit a lens to stay on the cornea.  As for the patient with Stevens Johnson syndrome with severe ocular surface disease, the disfigured lids including entropion would be best served with scleral lenses.

Some of the advantages of scleral lenses are:

  • They provide an optical neutralization of an irregular corneal surface and retain precorneal fluid reservoir that provides corneal hydration
  • They cannot be dislodged by the lids and are usually very comfortable
  • They are usually designed to have minimal or no corneal contact

Next time when I see a patient with corneal transplant or RK, a scleral lens may be the best treatment option for the patients. It could be next ‘wow’ moment in my office. Let us embrace new technology.