Words To Live By

My youngest daughter Stephanie was recently inducted into the Academy of Finance.  Her school began a program several years ago that partners high school students with local business leaders.  The idea is that students get real life experience with various types businesses within the community. 

The guest speaker at the induction was a man named George Martinez.  In a nutshell, he is a graduate of Rice University who became a leader in the banking industry.  He is obviously a very sharp guy.  Someone in the audience asked Mr. Martinez what advice he could give all of these young students and his answer was quite simple.  He recommended three things for a successful career.

  1. Do what you said you were going to do.
  2. Do it on time.
  3. Do it the way it was meant to be done.

I thought he was right on the money.  In days of better technology and the search for a “wow factor” with patients, this is more of a vintage wow factor that most people overlook. I believe that these simple words should be our mission statement.  I have told our staff before and continue to tell them that I believe we often create our own problems when we over promise or do not follow through.  This simple motto easily trumps any practice management pearl you will find.  If you convince your employees to treat your patients this way, I am convinced you can build a great practice.    

          As we close in on the holiday season, I hope that you and your family have the best season ever.  We can all be thankful for the opportunities we have every day. 

Roland Montemayor, OD