Why TSO?

In today’s competitive eye care field, we all have a number of choices to consider when we are opening a new office or even if we have an existing office and want to become a member of a larger group … especially if we are entrepreneurs and want to own and run our own office. Some of us prefer to lease space or work for someone else, and that is fine, but that offers different options. So if we are the type of individual who wants to own an office, why should we consider being a TSO? I think the reasons are many.


The TSO network is owned by and run by the optometrists who own the offices. We have a Board of Directors

who follow the lead of the committees which are made up of the Doctors of TSO in planning the direction of the network. This Board has six serving optometrists who own offices in the network and three members who have been or are industry leaders and are not optometrists. All decisions are

made based on what is best for the TSO Network and not what is best for some corporate owner/entity. Thus you can always be assured that decisions being made are based on what is best for the owner optometrists and optometry.


The TSO Network leadership is second to none. John Marvin has been our President for over 15 years. He understands our Network, he understands optometrists, he knows this business and has guided TSO through some tough times. He is committed to continue leading us as we go through a change in the structure and a significant growth

period of our TSO Network. John is one of the top leaders in our industry and we are very fortunate to have him lead us. In addition to John, we have four incredibly talented regional managers. Each of these four managers supports a small number of offices, so they are able to help each of their offices with any issue that may come up.

The regional managers are located within their markets to enable them to come to your office for one on one help, as well as being available by

phone or internet. We will always keep the office-to-regional manger ratio small to enable this hands on help.

So as we grow, new managers will be brought on to allow this.


In addition to the support of the regional managers, we have additional support in the TSO Network office.

These people are there to help with anything you may need from insurance, marketing, billing, office design, and office products. You get the picture.

The help, the support, the reassurance, and the hand holding we all need from time to time is readily available and easily accessible. We don’t have thousands of locations, so each of our offices can be supported at any time.


We have a tremendous commitment from and to our TSO Network members. At TSO we have Brand Standards. A part of these standards is that TSO members can only own TSO offices. Therefore you won’t have a TSO member doctor owning another office in your market area under a different name. We don’t operate that way.


Our pricing with the labs, contact lens companies, and distributors is very competitive. These are updated on a regular basis so we are always seeking and receiving the best pricing for our TSO Network members. We are constantly negotiating with the frame manufacturers to get the largest discounts possible. We are also in the process of bringing to the TSO Network the Lone Star Collection of frames, which will be exclusive to TSO. These will be very high quality frames at a very good price.


We have support to not only get TSO Network members and their associates on all the vision and health plans, but we monitor the vision plans regularly and make sure the members of TSO are getting the highest reimbursement possible. At your

request, we offer in-office or remote support to audit your EOBs and make sure you are not leaving money on the table that you should be receiving.


We offer free room, board and CE at Vision Quest, not only for the Doctors of TSO, but also for staff too. We offer several seminars throughout the year for optometrists and staff, which usually offer CE credit. We offer the GPN system to all offices to help us run our offices efficiently and profitably. We offer reimbursement on the CodeSafe system to enable us to bill insurances properly, efficiently, and to achieve the highest level of reimbursement.


We offer you the opportunity to be involved in the running of the company. As I mentioned earlier, there are seven committees, made up of the member optometrist and staff, set up for each aspect of running an optometric practice.

These committees have six or more members in each committee. They develop strategy for their committee/area of practice, and bring that to the Board for approval and implementation. By being a member of one of these committees, especially in an area that interests you, you have a large amount of input as to the direction the TSO Network is going. No mandates from a corporate entity are coming down to you. Only decisions made by you the Doctors of TSO.


Last, but probably the most important, we are a family. We are a small group. Only 125 offices at this time. It is easy to get to know your other family members. And we do. We work together as a family. We help each other out. We talk. We support each other. We confide in each other. We enjoy each other. We are there for each other because we all have a common interest. What is good for each of us is good for the entire network.

So as l go through this list, which is not all-inclusive, and I see the things we have to offer, I realize the question is not Why TSO?

The answer is, yes TSO! Absolutely, TSO! The question is, why anything else?