Who You Know : The Friend Chain

I am probably best known as the guy who knows other people. Lots of them. Since everything we do in life is with or through other people, this database of people comes in

handy daily. It is my own customized directory. It began when I was 16 years old and my father took me to a very successful businessman in Shreveport, Louisiana named George Nelson.

Mr. Nelson recommended to me something that impacted my life, my style, and my nature. He recommended I keep a list of 100 people I know and stay in touch with them for life. This was no easy feat in 1978. No computer, no electronic social network, no cell phone database; just a pen and paper and lots of scratching out. Besides non- family members, whom do you know, even casually? I would run out of lead in a few pencils before my list would end. I know people. Plenty of them. I know my full-time mail lady is Mickey. Our city librarian is Christy. Our City Councilman is Dave. Our Congressman is Ted. The funeral guy is John. My grocer is Mr. Wall. My pharmacist is Terrence. My tire buddy is Dave. The general manager of our country club is Patrick. The head of one local hospital is Heath and he is on the school board too. The CEO of another local hospital is Melinda. And, Mr. Fred and Karen, they own the local toy store. I could go on, but I’ll assure you that at some point I didn’t know anyone this side of the Sabine. One by one I made friends and kept track of them. You can do that too.

The new social networks are a great way to easily keep track of your growing ‘casual’ friend base. Why not connect and even reconnect with your friend chain? See who you know and see who might know you.

By the way, Ms. Frances was my 2nd grade teacher. We are now friends on Facebook and she loves roses.

Sparky Nolan is a Chamber Executive, a Community Builder and a Public Relations Specialist. For expert advice on how to plug in to your community, Sparky can be reached via text at 832-633-6332 or e-mail at Sparky@RollingBallPR.com.