Where to Direct Your Staff for Online Training

Training is an ongoing process for employees throughout their employment with any doctor.  TSO provides many venues for training employees but in order to have a successful training program the doctor must make training a priority.

Please remember that TSO offers many staff and doctor webinars that include insurance plans, customer service, lens technology, HR topics (coming in October), HIPAA, Medicare, Meaningful Use and many other topics. Please check the TSO Events Calendar (www.tsonetworkupdate.com) for a list of scheduled webinars.

Here are additional training resources for staff to take advantage of:


  •        20/20 Magazine – Opticians Handbook
  •        Essilor Quick Start and Apollo Programs
  •        Essilor Phone: 1-866-278-3187 or 214-496-4440
  •               Free CE from 2020mag.com
  •        Seiko
  •       Quantum Optical (small fee for some courses)