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Imagine our ancestor’s excitement when they discovered sheepskins

were a great place to write important stuff down. Fast-forward to the first administrative assistant that used the first ‘Post It’ note to organize that scatter-brained administrator. And now, try to wrap your arms around the modern phenomena our generation calls, social networks. Things can get pretty cloudy pretty quickly. What you write down is still the most important thing.

If you want to advance in your market, you will need to write down a plan. If you want to share your plan with your team members, you will want to write it down in a place they can see it, review it, and be held accountable for it. And, like all other publication systems we humans have used, they will need to be trained to do it in a fashion that benefits the entire team. Don’t forget that garbage in is still garbage out, whether it is on quality sheepskin or an IPad600B.

There are new ways that cloud computing shows everyone your information, but there are old ways that still work too. I imagine if you bought some nice sheepskin and wrote down your favorite song, someone in your office would start singing it sooner or later. My marketing advice is to focus aggressively on what is being promoted and then on the delivery system that does the promoting. Be crisp with your message and effective in delivering it.

There’s plenty new, pace yourself.

Sparky Nolan is a Chamber Executive, a Community Builder and a Public Relations Specialist. For expert advice on how to plug in to your community, Sparky can be reached via text at 832-633-6332 or e-mail at Sparky@RollingBallPR.com.

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