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It’s not the medium, it’s the message.

Many optometrists have told us that direct mail, newspaper, broadcast or the internet has had little or no effect on patients and potential patients. That is a common assumption sense trying to determine what motivates a consumer or patient is a behavioral science and cannot be accurately measured. In fact, all of these forms of advertising are effective when used properly. Often, disappointing results are not the fault of the media chosen but the ad itself. Here are some tips on creating an effective ad.

Gab their attention.

The headline is the most important part of any ad. It should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to find out more. Many businesses will list their company name as the headline.  This approach does not differentiate you from your competitors.

Make a difference.

There is little or no chance of a prospective patient responding to an ad that fails to create a difference between you and all other optometry providers. As a Doctor of TSO, you have distinct advantages. One of the most important is this –“75 years of Caring for The Eyes of Texas”. No other competitor can say this. TSO research proves that your legacy is important to new and existing patients.

Focus on patient benefit.

Prospective patients want to know how your practice can benefit them. The most recent TSO research shows that the qualifications of the doctor, a comprehensive exam and caring about the needs of the patient were most important when choosing an optometrist.

Ask an expert.

Successful ads are developed from a comprehensive marketing plan. A marketing plan should include an analysis of your market, the media available and a creative strategy. The Rhymes Team – Creative:  Felix and Connie; Account Services: Rod and Yuri – can develop a plan for your office at no additional cost. Contact Rod Windham at 713-871-8980 or rod @ rhymes.com.


Rod Windham

Rod Windham

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