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Using the eStore to order material in support of back-to-school.  Dr. Brian Blount reminded us this morning in an email sent to us:

“Just a thought.  We always notice as many teachers as students in the Back to School timeframe.  Maybe teachers do not touch as many heartstrings as your darlings going off to school, but teachers are a large part of our back to school patients.” 

Show that you care for the teachers in your community by offering them a Teacher Appreciation Check.  Here’s an example:


Two other ways to demonstrate you care:


1) Provide school nurses with the School Nurse Vision Kit

2) Provide coaches at all levels with a Coaches Kit


These items are available on the eStore along with much more.  Using them will help to promote your office and the TSO brand of…….CARING!  The Rhymes Team is available to help with your back-to-school programs, as well as your day to day advertising needs.  Contact Rod Windham at 713-871-8980 or rod@rhymes.com.


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