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The Patient Handout works!  In a previous newsletter, I shared a success story using the Patient Handout with one of my friends who took advantage of the Q3 promotion to get a new pair of glasses.  After reading the Patient Handout, he checked off 4 boxes as reasons for needing additional pairs of glasses.

The Patient Handout can be used year round and is a great  way to help improve second pair sales.  It’s designed as a way to generate discussion between doctor and patient on why a patient would need multiple pairs of glasses and their benefits.

 The way we recommend you use this is to have a copy given to each patient prior to an eye exam explaining that the doctor has asked they the patient read the material and it would be discussed during the exam.  The information on the handout can then be used in conversation with the patient on how they might need multiple pairs of glasses.  Based on the discussion, the checked boxes can then be used for prescribing multiple pairs.  For example:  During the conversation with the patient, the doctor can ask,” How much time do you spend on a computer?” Or “Do you play sports or engage in outside activities?”  If the answer is yes, then the doctor can check that box and then at the end of the exam use the checked boxes to prescribe multiple pairs of glasses.  It is very important that the doctor ask the questions and make the recommendation of multiple pairs.  If the doctor does this, the chances are much greater for success!  Contact Rod Windham at 713-871-8980 or rod@rhymes.com.


 Rod Windham

Vice President of Account Service for Rhymes Marketing & Advertising

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