What Works? Presented by Rhymes Marketing & Advertising

As part of their 30th Anniversary issue, Inc. Magazine asked Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and Built to Last, what we might expect in the next 30 years.  His answer:  uncertainty, chaos, turbulence and risk.  In other words, it’s not a bad time to be an entrepreneur.  One of the questions asked was: How have the basic skills required to build a great company changed over the last 30 years? 

His answer follows, “I would say the basic principles have not changed, but the skills are always changing.  For example, nothing would suggest that the importance of the ‘who’ has changed.  If anything, our turbulence research reinforces the idea that the most important decisions are always ‘who’ decisions.  Whether we’re running a business in 1812, 1886, 1925, 1950, 1975, 2000, 2050, I see nothing to contradict the principle that ‘who’ comes first and ‘what’ comes second, for a very simple reason:  If you cannot predict the ‘what’, you have to be able to do a good job with the ‘who’, because the ‘what’ is going to be constantly shifting.”

The good news is that the “who” for TSO is in great shape and that was validated during the recent Opticians Boot Camp!  Throughout the weekend, the Opticians in attendance demonstrated the kind of enthusiasm, commitment, talents and skills necessary to make a good company great!  All of the participants were excited to share best practices from their offices, eager to participate in group discussions and open and willing to learn new ideas. The Doctors of TSO can be proud to have such high quality staffs and it was a rewarding experience working with them during the boot camp.

What works?  A focus on the “who”, not the “what,” which constantly shifting.  Having the right people working hard and smart to do the right things and having fun in the process, the mission, whatever it is, will be accomplished!

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