What Works? From Rhymes Marketing & Advertising

Direct mail advertisements have several uses and well-planned and targeted direct mail campaigns can increase brand recognition and solicit sales. One of direct mail’s biggest advantages is its ability to make personal one-to-one contact with your prospect. Other advantages include:

Highly targeted. Using carefully developed lists, you can target your mailings specifically to a market segment, buyer profile or area.

Personal. The letter or post card can be personalized with informal language and directed at the specific interest of the reader.

Tangible form of advertising. It give you a physical presence in your prospect’s home or office and can literally put your product in their hands.

Can support and deepen brand relationships. Will help build awareness as part of an integrated campaign.

While the above are valid advantages, it’s also important to be aware of possible drawbacks to direct mail and include that awareness in the planning of direct mail campaigns. To many, direct mail is considered “junk” and will go directly to the garbage. According to the Direct Marketing Association, in the direct mail industry the average success rates range from ½ of 1% to 2% – and these are the campaigns that are successful. Therefore, an adequate number of direct mail pieces will need to be distributed.

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