What To Do When Patients Say They Want Another Opinion

We know that you work consistently to provide top-notch service to all your patients. But, we also we know that, sometimes, they just want to explore other options.

That’s why we have a simple second opinion process that ensures members are satisfied with their care – even when they aren’t quite sure.

If a member wants a second opinion, ask them to complete a written request for a second opinion and submit it directly to EyeMed Quality Assurance at eyemedqa@ eyemed.com. We will then reach out to you to request records for the initial visit and to hear your point of view.

We will do our best to satisfy the member while respecting the doctor-patient relationship which could mean we send them back to you or give the okay for them to try another provider. We’ll let you know either way.

If a member contacts you to get a second opinion, provide them with the care they need, fill out the 2nd opinion approval form and submit it to EyeMed Quality Assurance at eyemedqa@eyemed.com. Once the approval form is received you’ll be reimbursed for exam services based on your fee schedule for the member’s plan.

Questions? Feel free to call us at 888.581.3648.