What Draws New Patients to Your Office?

New patients are the life line of our offices. A decrease of new patients is a big red flag for a practitioner even though you may not have any decrease in volume. In addition, a consistent decrease in new patient count could be an early sign of a dying office. Recently, I have an informal study of new patients. For every new patient, I ask for the number one reason for choosing eye care services from TSO Humble.

No surprise, insurance is number one reason for choosing my office. As a matter of fact, many patients with Davis Vision would leave my office after they realize that I do not take their insurance. Whether I like it or not, insurance dictates the access of patients to my office.

They also related me there are a few other major reasons for choosing my office:

1. Location: The office is easily accessible. They can see my sign from the freeway. Ample parking is available.

2. Frame Selection: Some patients are only satisfied with designer or big name frames such as D & G, Versace, Coach and Oakley.

3. Convenience: We are open on Saturdays.

4. Brand Recognition: TSO has been in existence for 75 years, and many patients are knowledgeable about our brand.

5. Word of Mouth: Many patients seek our service because of recommendation from family members and friends.

6. Service: Happy with the way their frames were adjusted and the way they were treated by my staff.

7. Professionalism: The thoroughness of the professional examination and services received.

8. Equipment: With equipment such as cameras, VF, topographer and OCT, we definitely wow the patients.

9. Ambience: We strive to keep our office modern looking and clean.

Last August, there were 300 new patients in my office. Hopefully, with some changes such our new revamped websites and more dominant social media presence, these numbers will go up. Moreover, we need to protect and retain our access to major insurance plans.