Vision Quest Staff Education Announced

The education curriculum and faculty for this year’s Vision Quest conference will feature the introduction of our First in Class Practice Manager’s Certification Program.

Developed by Morris Education and Consulting Associates, this will be a six hour overview introduction to an ongoing, online Office Manager Certification program.

The training will cover areas that include:

  • The Role of the Office Manager
  • Effective Management Planning
  • Setting Direction for the Team
  • Financial Management and Metrics
  • Understanding Workflow
  • Operational Management
  • People Management
  • Human Resources
  • Performance Management
  • Retention and Motivation
  • Difficult Situations
  • Understanding Audit Risk

The introduction of this program builds on the comprehensive New Associate Training System introduced last November. The completion of this training results

in a certification of a fully trained and qualified Practice Manager.

TSO Network and its Board of Directors are committed to providing Members the highest quality of education and training programs available in the industry today.

An important part of the value of the Texas State Optical brand is knowledgeable office associates who stand out as uniquely qualified to help people see the important things in life.

International speaker, educator, author, and management consultant, Dr. Scot Morris is well known for his experience in ocular surface disease, technology, and practice management. He is recognized for both his expertise and his enthusiasm for helping professionals optimize their practices. Dr. Morris is widely published in professional journals, books, clinical references, and web-based resources. He also serves as the Chief Optometric Editor for Optometric Management and as a consultant to many eye care companies.

Current Co-Founder of 4ECPs Inc. A business resource company for eye care professionals. Includes three divisions: Training – Marketing – Jobs. Fulfilling a lifetime goal of helping individuals and companies create better workplaces in the eye care industry.

Specialties: Human Resources, Marketing, Training, & Recruiting in Eye Care. International Public Speaker who is highly experienced in designing training programs for the Eye Care industry.