Vision Quest Recap: Sharon Carter Motivates and Educates

Sharon Carter, founder and chief consultant with Eye Care Optometric Consulting led eight hours of continuing education for both doctors and staff members. Her unique and engaging presentation spoke to the leadership required to transform offices from average to exceptional. Ms. Carter has 24 years of optometric experience including working in an office as an office manager, sales and training for an optometric software company, to consulting for private practices.

In presentations outlined below, she brought home the point that success in your practice is developed from the Inside Out and begins with the doctor and key staff members and manager.

Her Vision Quest presentations included:

Personalities in the Work Place: By understanding the different personalities and how each can complement the other, optimum interaction develops into teamwork and teamwork increases accomplishments.

Prescribing Equals Success: When the doctor recommends and prescribes the products capable of providing the best patient lifestyle benefit they lay the foundation for the optician’s success. The optician then is able to further explain these benefits and answer questions. When the doctor doesn’t make specific recommendations and write out prescriptions, then the optician is left to try and “sell” the patient on products that are best for them. The doctor then loses all credibility.

Where is my Money?: This course identified potential places where practice funds may be tied-up and directly affecting bottom line profits. Such locations may be a significant amount in a single area, such as insurance receivables. Or the loss may be due to a large number of smaller areas that are neglected.

Satisfaction vs. Loyalty: Remember this, “The sweetness of the low price is long forgotten after the bitterness of poor service.” It’s not what you’re selling, but what you stand for. “We help you see the important things in life” by not providing good vision, but the best vision possible.

Building an Unbeatable Team: Whatif we worked together to achieve a common goal? This course taught that building a team starts with the individual as a building block. You will earn that to be a team player requires effort, right attitude, communication, goal setting, and example setting.