Vision Quest Recap: Rising Star Award

The first TSO Network Rising Star award was awarded to Dr. Phong Pham of TSO Kingwood. The award is intended to recognize an emerging leader within the TSO Network whose record reflects

ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the profession and increased levels of leadership and responsibility. Although Dr. Pham has not yet reached a senior-level position, his track record reflects a strong potential for achievement at the highest levels of the profession.

Dr. Phong Pham, grew up in Houston, Texas, where he was inspired to enter the field of optometry. Pouncing on his dreams, Dr. Pham received his Bachelor of Science and his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston. While in school, Dr. Pham received the Clinical Excellence Award as a sophomore, and graduated with honors. Dr. Pham has been working in the Optometry field since 1999, with his first job being a lab technician/optician with TSO.

Dr. Pham specializes in a wide range of eye care specialties and enjoys working with young children.