Vision Plans and Therapeutic Optometrists

As the chairperson of the TSO Professional Affairs Committee (PAC), I recently learned that Davis Vision requires that all optometrists on their plan network must be therapeutically certified. According to Ann Deen, Davis Vision is currently the only vision plan that requires therapeutic certification but we may see a growing trend where all vision plans require therapeutic certification.     


In conversations with Ann, she noted that during the initial negotiations with Davis Vision she requested that all TSO doctors be grandfathered into the plan even though they were not therapeutic and Davis Vision agreed.  There are a few TSO doctors that are not therapeutic but   are currently in the TSO/Davis program as negotiated initially.  However, after the initial TSO doctor enrollment all doctors added to the TSO system must be therapeutic to enroll with Davis Vision whether an employed doctor or doctor owner. 


The PAC recommends an AOA resource on their website called Optometric Clinical Practice Guidelines.  It explains in detail the practice guidelines for 20 different diseases and conditions and is updated every few years.  Another recommended application called “Epocrates” is a great tool to quickly look up medications, their side effects and dosages. I use this app to research if an ophthalmic medicine is safe in pregnancy or with nursing and to look up ocular side effects of systemic medicines.  Epocrates is frequently updated with new medications and is easy to download on your app store. 


If you have questions regarding therapeutic certification please contact any member of the Professional Affairs Committee:


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Renee Dunlap, OD

PAC Committee Chair