Alternative / Plan B Eyewear Agreement

Alternative Eyewear is pleased to announce the release of its new Global Fit option within the Vue collection. These 6 new models will feature the “Global Fit” mark which denotes styles designed to fit individuals with low profile bridges properly & comfortably, without the addition of nose pads. These new acetate models will accommodate these specific sizing while offering stylish acetate looks that everyone wants in their eyewear wardrobe. The new models will also stay true to the Vue brand – affordable, quality eyewear for men, women and children. To learn more about these new models please contact Alternative Eyewear at 1-888-399-7742 or visit us online at

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Plan B Eyewear: Staag Spectacles Debuts Sleek New Look

Plan “B” Eyewear introduces new Staag Spectacles models that take the collection in a fresh new direction. These elevated new designs are slim and sleek, paying a perfect homage to vintage details. Made from the densest, highest quality acetates and the purest forms of titanium, these frames are exceptionally light, comfortable and beautiful to look at. Unique features include embellished bridges and titanium nose-pads. Crafted with the utmost care and thoughtfully designed, these frames are perfect for the individual craving exceptional style. For additional colour, sizing & pricing details, please contact

Fresh & Fun Ice Cream Models from Plan “B” Eyewear

Plan “B” Eyewear has added two new acetate models to its Ice Cream collection, the IC9087 and IC9088. These sweet and spirited new designs both feature a variation of a perfect and flattering cat eye shape. This hint of retro is balanced by exquisite, high-quality acetate. These new models feature a beautiful, marbled blend of colors that include deep blues, pretty purples, vibrant greens and eye-catching orange. Playful, pretty and unique, these models are perfect for the woman who wants more color in her eyewear. For more information, contact us directly at 1-888-399-7742 or via email at

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The quintessential children’s optical collection just got even cooler with the introduction of new Nano GLOW models. Your favourite models in the Nano Vista collection now offer glow-in the dark temples. Made from the same patented Siliflex™ material that makes these frames flexible, light & indestructible, this new feature allows the temples to glow in low-light and dark conditions. While your littlest patients get the fun of having glow-in-the-dark frames, these new temples make it easier to find frames in the dark and allow for better visibility of children playing in low-light conditions which is a huge advantage for Mom & Dad. Available in a variety of colours for girls and boys in the styles you know and love, Nano GLOW is sure to be a hit for parents and kids alike. To preview the collection please visit our website: or call us toll-free at 1-888-399-7742

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Exceptional Acetates from Glacée by Plan “B” Eyewear

Glacée adds three new extraordinary acetate models for the summer to its Glacée collection. Primarily a collection that focuses on metal models, these new frames embrace the beauty and depth that can only come from an exceptional acetate. Featuring stunning and bold colour combinations, these new frames offer a unique look from every angle. Deep, elegant blues, browns and whites play with hints of shimmer to create something interesting and eclectic. Complimentary frame shapes in the GL6851, GL6852 & GL6853 mean these frames are bold yet wearable for the woman who loves to make a statement with her eyewear. To preview the collection, visit us online at or call us toll-free at


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New Gridiron Styles From Alternative Eyewear

Alternative Eyewear has added 6 new models to its Gridiron collection. Offering two new acetate frames and 4 new metal models, this over-sized collection is perfect for the customer who needs a frame built for their sizing needs. Featuring

eye sizes in the upper ranges (58, 60, 61) and longer temples, these frames offer comfort and fit without sacrificing an inch of style. Four of the new models; B52, Apache, F4 and Seawolf, are made from titanium ensuring they are strong and

lightweight. Classic masculine styles makes these frames the perfect choice for your customers needing a little extra frame. To preview the collection online, visit or call us toll free at 1-888-399-7742.

For additional colour, sizing and pricing information, please contact

Find the Perfect Look with New Headlines From Plan “B” Eyewear

Plan “B” Eyewear is pleased to announce the newest release in its must-have men’s line, Headlines. This stylish and versatile release features 11 new metal models. Showcasing classic stylings with a modern twist, these models are masculine yet refined. Tasteful brushed metal and matte colour techniques give these frames an edge. Oversized styling with micro-

thin acetate keeps these models on trend while perfect details such as textured bridges and smooth edges beg you to look closer. This release is all about frames for the modern man, with streamlined design and just a dash of color for good measure. Preview the collection online at or call us, toll free, 1-888-399-7742

For additional colour, price, & size information, please contact directly.

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