Almost every time I am with a group of members of the TSO Network, someone mentions that they are not sure of what they are getting for the fees they pay or they are not sure the fees they pay are worth it. I understand what they are saying, as many of the benefits we receive have become routine and thus we tend to forget exactly what or how much they are.

Therefore, let me remind us what I feel some of the benefits are that we receive.


The lab committee spends a large amount of time negotiating the discounts we receive with our lab agreements. Then once we have these agreements, these prices become the norm for us and we either never knew or forget what the actual costs would have been. For an office doing around

$1,000,000 per year, this amounts to about $3,000 per month in savings. I can verify this. A few years ago when my office was doing about $1,000,000 per year, we somehow started using an Essilor lab that was not part of the

lab agreement. After doing an audit we found out that we had been paying over $3,000 per month more than we should have paid under our agreement using one of the correct labs. Thanks to Essilor, they gave us the full credit even though it was our mistake.


Once again, the contact lens division of the lab committee does a fantastic job of negotiating the best deal for us with the contact lens companies. Not only do we get good pricing on the contacts we purchase, be we also receive a rebate on those purchases.

This number is a little more difficult to pinpoint, but for one of our offices that does $1,000,000 per year it is at least

$2,500 per month when both of these are added together.


We get special pricing from most of the frame manufacturers. This averages around 20%, so if you purchase $5,000 worth of frames per month, this averages another $1,000 per month.

In addition, this summer we will be introducing our own line of frames, The Lonestar Collection. This will be another tremendous benefit and a way to save us all a lot of money.


As a member of the TSO Network, we receive The Edge office analytical system at no charge. This is a savings

of about $900 per year, and when used will save you significantly more.

We receive many other benefits from being a member of the TSO Network that are difficult to put a dollar figure to, but are still a tremendous benefit. Some of these include:

  • Help from the regional managers on any phase of our offices that we may need help.
  • The products we buy for the e-network store. The pricing on these products is excellent.
  • Free CE at Vision Quest and throughout the year.
  • Two free rooms at Vision Quest.
  • The benefit we get from the TSO website, and now the added benefit of patients being able to schedule appointments online.
  • The discounts we get on equipment.
  • The camaraderie we have with the other members of the TSO network.
  • TSO is a progressive, growing, up-to- date group of eye care providers. So even if we look at this strictly based on dollars
  • and cents, being a member of the TSO Network is a good deal. If you are doing $1,000,000 per year, you are paying about
  • $2,000 per month. By being a member of the TSO Network you are receiving around $7,000 per month in benefits. If you
  • utilize the other benefits that are being offered, this number is even higher.

So I think it makes sense for us, myself included, to be reminded every now and then just how good of a deal we have going. These benefits we receive add up to a tremendous amount of money. If you know of anyone else I can give $2,000 a month to and at the end of the month they will give me $7,000 back, please give them my phone number, address, email address. I definitely want to do business with them.