Using School Nurse’s Kits to Build Trust

Nurses kits with a fresh inventory of items are available to be personally delivered by the TSO doctor or office manager to the elementary school nurses in your community to help them with this year’s vision screenings. The kits contain a pen light with TSO logo, eyeglasses repair kit with TSO logo, bottle of contact lens solution, eye care information for school nurses and teachers, and five Gift of Sight certificates for children with financial hardships. By personally delivering the nurse’s kits, you will be building a strong relationship with the school and your TSO office will become a top-of-the-mind referral source for kids who are having vision problems.

Here is how the San Marcos TSO utilizes their nurse’s kits!

“Each year we send all the elementary and middle school nurses a letter from our office letting them know that the San Marcos TSO has helped them in previous years with the vision needs of the students by sending them a nurse’s kit. Enclosed in each letter are five free exam gift cards that we label specifically for each school so we know exactly where needs are being met and also know that the students are actually receiving the exams. We also notify the nurses of the items they have in their kit and ask for notification if they need anything replaced. If so, we deliver the kit directly to the school. It has helped us work closely with the schools and build trust within our community,” stated San Marcos Office Manager Lisa Rodriguez.