Use TSO Frame Collections for Second Pair Sales

TSO Frame and Sunglass Collections are a great way to increase your profit margins while offering unique, high quality frames to your patients. Utilize these special prices to encourage second pair sales during the last quarter of the year!

Take advantage of the current frames and sunglasses available for purchase on eStore. Not only are these frames stylish for your patient, but the TSO Network pricing allows each office to add to their bottom line by lowering your cost of goods. Simply visit eStore on eNetwork to order or contact Roxana Salinas at

Timberland Sunwear Collection A includes 40 pieces of sporty and stylish suns. Great assortment of female, male and unisex styles. This collection comes in sets of 40 at $140 a set. That’s just $3.50 a frame!  

The GUESS sunwear collection comes with assorted men’s and lady’s styles. Priced at $8.50 a pair, this set is a great bargain and is sure to win over the likes of many patients. Each set is packaged with 50 pair and is priced at $425 per set.