Use Facebook to keep up with your patients!

Are you taking full advantage of the Back to School season to reach your patients on Facebook? During this busy time, your patients’ priorities shift to making sure their children are prepared for school. Reinforce the importance of a child’s vision to learning and promote the Back to School campaign!

TSO Marketing provides each office information and images to help you increase your patients’ awareness using social media.

Step 1: Login to and switch to using Facebook as your Business Page.

  • At the top-right, by your name, there is a link to “Home” and an arrow beside it. Clicking the arrow reveals your “Use Facebook As” options. Your page will be in the list that appears.

Step 2: Now that you’re using Facebook as your Page: 

·        Click Photo/Video on the left above the “What’s On Your Mind?” box.
·        Click Upload Photo/Video.
·        Browse your computer to find the third quarter marketing image you want to use and upload.
·        Paste your preference of these example posts into the caption field.
  o   Let’s strive for all A’s! Don’t forget to schedule your child’s eye exam!
  o   Set your kids up for success with proper eye care!
  o   We know your Back To School list is long, but keep your children’s eye exam at the top of the list.

Step 4: Post it!

Expert Tip: You can also click the star at the top right of the post that appears to “Highlight” the post in your stream.


Social Sarah